Starting today the super offer of 33% of discount by Manorhouse Workshop

Hi all.

Officially starts today and will last for the next 20 days the super offer of 33% discount on almost all products MHW.


Super Christmas offer. 20 days with 33% discount by

Manorhouse Workshop


the goal is to score € 3000.00 (three thousand) in orders within 20 days, to get the 33% discount and additional bonus material MHW, in based to purchase choice.


in reality, the objective is already almost been reached… before leaving with the offer.

In fact, we are already  more than 2000.00 € of purchases.

The web is fantastic … but also the orfferta is fantastic. At this point we want to see how many hours serve… for to exceed € 3000.00

My heartfelt thanks go to all those who are participating in the operation.

Merry Christmas to all. Lorenzo

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