New update to Manorhouse Workshop project on Indiegogo

Hi to all.

link to directly  our project on Indiegogo

With this new update, we explain two very interesting perks. (the images of models are the basics of encumbrance for the creation of masters)

House Raisers Pack 1 – 85,00 Euro

House Raisers Pack 2 – 140,00 Euro

Those are without doubt the most useful and convenient perks to rapidly build a little village.Their content will allow you to combine in a multitude of ways the house kits.



As you can see from the above pictures, with a Perk from 85,00 Euro  and a one from 140,00 Euro  you can create a small village in various ways, the combinations are endless.

Now let’s see how you can easily compose the various modules to obtain a group of houses attached one to another, in the typical italian fashion.



Every storey will have an access to the upper and to the lower floor


With the purchase of those 2 perks you will also get the rewards 01 serie, which will give you even more possibilities of combination.


The rewards 01 serie was created precisely to be combined with those 2 perks.

Each added purchase of those 2 perks will get you the possibility to get an additiona rewards 01 serie.

Or, if you prefer, you can get your rewards based on the overall amount of goods purchased, as usual.

link to directly  our project on Indiegogo

Regards, Lorenzo

3 Responses to New update to Manorhouse Workshop project on Indiegogo

  1. Stefan Sheckells says:

    Hello. I am interested in your KS campaign, but to be honest I am confused by your perks. Could you show a picture of what each perk could build? It’s hard to conceptualize what 9 floors can build…and the difference between 85 and 140 is roofs?


    • HiStefan, a little time to introduce all the perks.
      with 9 simple plans and 9 with roof, the combinations are varied.

      yes, the price difference is the complexity of the roof.
      the roof will be a removable part, with an internal structure of supporting.

      for any question, contact me

      regards, lorenzo


  2. Questi due perks sono molto interessanti. Insieme al piccolo villaggio sono una vera chicca!!
    Bravo Presidente!
    Ci aggiorniamo in settimana per l’acquisto del mio adoratissimo mulino…


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