New prepainted Floors & Walls!

Hi to everyone

Today we are presenting a new system of floors and walls, made in resin, and prepainted.
This system allows the creation of corridors and rooms of various shapes and dimensions.The walls do not need any support to keep upright and be combined to form corridors and rooms, big and small.

(Miniatures by Zealot Miniatures)
The use of (male) pins on the whole side of the walls allow them to be safely positioned and interlocked with other pieces for great results.

All pieces are already prepainted and ready to be placed on the gaming table.
Floors and walls alike are printed on both sides.
The Floors have a side with a classical stone flooring, and another with a sewer canals. They have also 2 smaller floor pieces which allow to create various kind of sewer shapes.

All is prepainted and ready to play.
In the next article we will discuss a bit more about the purchasable articles and kits and their prices.

Until next.
Lorenzo & David

4 Responses to New prepainted Floors & Walls!

  1. Ilkka Huttunen says:

    Looking excellent!


  2. Ernie says:

    so its not going to KS?


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