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Queste pagine sono dedicate al 3D Bases Kickstarter. Aiuteranno tutti voi a comprendere meglio tutte le sezioni della pagina Kickstarter.

These pages are dedicated to “3D Bases” Kickstarter. They will help you to better understand all sections of the Kickstarter page.



24-Bases – Add-ons Packs:

9-Bases – Add-ons Packs:

6-Bases – Add-ons Packs:

3D Bases – Broken Column

3D Bases VS Games Workshop Miniatures

Le Temple de Morikun – Article on 3D Bases Kickstarter

Le Temple de Morikun – Painting of the Abbey Tile

How to make your 3D bases spotless!

How to quickly paint a “3D Bases”

How to add herbs and bushes on a “3D Bases”

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