MHW – Dungeons, Subway and sewers

In this section of the catalogue you will find many solutions to create fantastic dungeons, corridors, halls, sewers and subway tunnels.

WARNING: These products are recommended for age: 14 Years and up…

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Possible use of this kit:
Furniture, accessories and miniatures not included.
Furniture and accessories by Zealot miniatures

Subway tunnel #1- kit 0001 (Starter Pack)
Subway tunnel #2 – kit 0002 (Starter Pack)
Floors and subway rails – kit 0003
Subway brick walls – kit 0004
Rooms and corridors – kit 0005 (Starter Pack)
Corridors and sewers – kit 0006 (Starter Pack)
Rooms and corridors – kit 0007
Rooms and corridors – kit 0008
Rooms, corridors and sewers – kit 0009
Rooms, corridors and sewers – kit 0010
Rooms, corridors and sewers – kit 0011
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