Rooms and corridors – kit 0008

Rooms and corridors – kit 0008

material: polyurethane resin

dimensions: 400x300xh64 mm.

Number of pieces: 91

12 floors: sewer side + stone side 100×100 h10mm.

24 Dynamic floors 25x50x2mm.

3 walls 80x12xh54mm.

11 walls 60x12xh54 mm.

8 walls 100x12xh54 mm.

21 pillars 20×20 h54mm.

4 doors

8 half-columns 20x54mm.

unpainted price:  296,00€

prepainted: 445,00€


Possible use of this kit: double face of the floors, on one side the channels of the sewer from the other stone slabs
Miniatures not included by Zealot miniatures


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