Update 15 – F.H. – Hard Plastic – Beyond the Door & Eerie Silence

Hi to everyone!

It’s been a while since last update. We have been working a lot on the 3D Bases project, but also have news about Forgotten Halls, so here we are.

Let’s start with some announcement that will make you rejoice.
We are giving you a glimpse of the 2 boxes that will be revealed on our next KS.

Starter Pack – Beyond the Door
Expansion Pack – Eerie Silence

Graphic design by: Fabio “Jacknife” Paulotto

Yes, you will have both available, right from the start. Isn’t it great ?

In our Base Set “Beyond the Door” you will be able to create corridors and rooms with our fully modular and Dynamic Walls, which can be used to build both indoor settings and outdoor buildings (while keeping full playability on the inside).

And of course, thanks to our Dynamic Floors, you will be able to build from the start of the Kickstarter huge dungeons with sewers and canals.

With the Expansion Set “Eerie Silence” you will move further, on the upper floors.
You will find inside this box new Dynamic Walls, and new Double Face floors, Stairs, and balustrades to create parapets or bridges, all the while keeping the same indoor/outdoor potentialities and playability.

With the two boxes togethers, you will be able to let your imagination run wild: underground places, corridors, rooms, upper and lower floors, platforms and bridges, towers, fortified walls, ancient mansions and castles.
Amazing, and this is just the beginning.

Miniatures by Games Workshop

Braziers-statues-torches by Zealot Miniatures

Just imagine all you will be able to obtain with the passing days on the Kickstarter.
But that will be just your imagination, because we can’t reveal you everything, we would spoil the surprise. And there are great, amazing surprises waiting.

This is all for today.
You might be asking yourself “Great, 2 boxes, but how much do they cost, what do they contain, when is the KS starting, what will be the Goal ?”
All those informations will be revealed later on on the upcoming weeks.
Stay tuned on our blog for more info!

Until next, Lorenzo and David.

Update #3 – Hard Plastic – The innovative modular floors of Forgotten Halls

Hi to all.

After last udpate on the Walls (which still show only part of all their full potential), it’s time for another article, this time about our floors.

Let’s start with a small video, which speaks about another innovative idea of MHW : the Floor Inserts.

As you see, our floors have a main structure, in which you can add our “Floor Inserts” to create a lot of different floors and patterns.
Each floor is 10x10cm, and has some Floors Inserts already included.
Here, it is the “Stone Floor inserts”.
If you take those out, you have already another floor ready: the Sewers (because we painted them that way, but they can be empty canals, painted with lava, or anything you wish).
This is already a concept of “2 Floors in 1” : with every Floor you’ll buy, you get 2.
But as you see, the inserts can be put back in a different pattern, to create anything you wish, so it’s way more than that.

Do you need 4 straight sewer floors, 2 curve, 1 T-section, and 1 cross-section ?
You don’t need to buy 8 NEW sewer floors. You have already those floors with FH, you just need to take out the inserts and compose them in the way you wish!

As you see in our video, it gets even better with a simple other “Floor Insert”: the Grates.
Just swap the stone inserts with the grate inserts, and you can change the floors very easily and in a lot of ways!

Does it stop here ?
Of course not. This is just part of what you will be able to do, and the innovative ideas, we have developed.
Check this next video for another example, just with the grate inserts, and with multiple floors:

The ease of taking out the inserts and locking them back in place is amazing, and the possibilities endless. Imagine what you would be able to do with some more inserts than just those 2!

Lastly, all our floors and inserts are built in such a way as to have “2,5cm” tiles/patterns, to help with boardgame, RPG and skirmish movements.

At Manorhouse Workshop, our motto is Quality, Affordability, and Modularity.
Our Walls and Floors are just another example of us working in this direction.

Miniatures Reaper Miniatures. Kindly provide by Francesco Endar” Bellina

Regards from Lorenzo and David

Update #02 – Hard Plastic – The innovative modular walls of Forgotten Halls.

Hi to all.

So you’ve seen a (very small, we assure you) sneak peek of Forgotten Halls, with our last video.
The big questions will be “how does FH works ?” and “when will it be available ?”

Let’s start the with the later.
Forgotten Halls will be presented on the Kickstarter platform at the end of 2016, once all 3D bases pledges will have been sent to all our backers.
You understood right, there are just some few months to wait!

Let’s speak now about how Forgotten Hall works. There is a TON of hidden gems in our product, and most are not yet seen.
But we can start with the walls, on this video:

As you see, all of our pillars have round inserts where to connect our dynamic walls (all concepts created by MHW), where other inserts (here you see our columns but torches and much more will be seen) can be added.
From there on, it’s just a question of “flooring up” if you want to make higher walls … be it because you want them higher, or because you want to make a building with multiple floors.
These higher floors will be reachable with an innovative stair system.

Now, again, we’re barely scrapping the surface of what can be done with our walls … Just to give you an example, here is what can be done, with yet another of our ideas, the Wall Inserts, yet another innovative idea of MHW.

The Wall Inserts system

Wall Inserts are walls pieces that insert themselves into existing walls, allowing you to create completely different (and modular) walls with a simple gesture, without having to change and detach the previous existing walls which build up your whole structure.

This gives you two huge benefits:
– It is very good for your wallet: if you have 30 walls with arches, and you want also plains walls, thicker, you don’t need to buy some other 30 more walls. Just buy some wall inserts (only on FH), and you’re good to go!
– plug and play, very speedily: if you have built a big dungeon or castle interior, but want to change some of the walls, you can do it very quickly without have to tear down / detach most of your walls and pillars. Just add a wall insert and you’re done!

Our video shows only the 2 different wall inserts, with amazing results. Imagine what you could do with way more : the possibilities are endless … and they will be.

Regards from Lorenzo and David


New Pre-painted Catalogue

Salve a tutti.
Presentiamo la nuova versione del catalogo predipinto di Manorhouse Workshop. 
Abbiamo rivisitato 11 articoli tra i più venduti.
Rendendoli ancora più interessanti per creare velocemente un tavolo da wargames.

Hello everyone.
This is the new version of the catalogue by Manorhouse Workshop pre-painted.
We revisited 11 items among the top sellers.
Making them even more attractive for quickly creating a table from wargames

Ogni singolo scenario è stato arricchito di molti particolari e dipinti con nuovi effetti di colore.

Every single scenery has been enriched with many details and painted with new color effects.

Nulla è lasciato al caso, tutto viene valorizzato nel migliore dei modi.

Nothing is left to chance, everything is enhanced in the best way.

Regards. Lorenzo

Tutorial: La cripta nell’acqua

Salve a tutti.

Nuovo tutorial sul creare una cripta particolare in maniera semplice e veloce.

La cripta nell’acqua

Buona visione, Lorenzo

Work in Progress 6°: Mi faccio il mio Maniero – I make my Manor

Salve a tutti.

Il Maniero è completato, ora inizia la parte più divertente, scattare le foto del modello in tutte le sue parti.

Partiamo con questa prima serie di scatti, personalmente li trovo fantastici.

l’acqua mi entusiasma, mi viene quasi voglia di tuffarmici dentro.

Vi lascio alla visione delle immagini.

Alla Prossima, Lorenzo


The Manor House is complete, now begins the fun part, taking pictures of the model in all its parts.

Let’s start with this first set of shots, personally I find them fantastic.

water excites me, I have almost want to dive into it.

I leave you to view images.

Regards, Lorenzo

Nasce il Forum Manorhouse Workshop – Mindstalkers – Is born Forum of the Manorhouse Workshop – Mindstalkers

Salve a tutti.

Da oggi apre il suo “portale” a tutti coloro che ne fossero interessati il forum della Manorhouse Workshop e Mindstalkers.


From today opens its “portal” to all those who are interested at the forum of ManorhouseWorkshop and Mindstalkers.

Entrando troverete molti subforum dedicati alle varie branche trattate dalla MHW e da Mindstalkers.

Upon entering you will find many subforums dedicated to the various branches covered by MHW and Mindstalkers.

Link to forum: Manorhouse Workshop – Mindstalkers Forum

Work in Progress 5°: Mi faccio il mio Maniero – I make my Manor

Salve a tutti.

Siamo alla quinta fase, stesura dell’erba e colorazione dell’acqua.

Questa è la fase più delicata del lavoro, dipingere l’acqua in maniera realistica non è semplicissimo. Sbagliare questo passaggio comprometterebbe praticamente tutto.

Mi pare però che il risultato sia più che buono, con tanto di effetto profondità.


We are the fifth stage, the drafting of the grass and the water color.

This is the most delicate phase of the work, painted in a realistic way the water is not easy. This step would affect just about everything wrong. But I think that the result is fantastic,  also with of the depth effect.

Manca ora solo la lucidatura dell’acqua e gli ultimi accessori.

alla prossima, Lorenzo

Now only missing: the polishing of the water and the latest accessories.

Regards, Lorenzo

Work in Progress 4°: Mi faccio il mio Maniero – I make my Manor

Salve a tutti.

Siamo giunti al 4° W.I.P., questa è la fase della prima colorazione delle strutture e del terreno.

Poi verrà aggiunta l’erba e la vegetazione e, infine dipinta l’acqua e aggiunti gli ultimi accessori.


We are arrived to 4 ° WIP, this is the first phase of the painting of the structures and of terrain.

Then will add the grass and vegetation and finally, painted the water and added the latest accessories.

Ogni commento è benvenuto.

Any feedback is welcome.

Alla Prossima, Lorenzo

Regards, Lorenzo


W.I.P. 2° – Il Tempio – the Temple

Salve a tutti.

Aggiornamento per quanto riguarda il tempio.

Il piano terra è quasi completato, mancano gli ultimi ritocchi: base del tempio, zona della forgia, grande corridoio delle statue, cucine con attigua mensa soldati e ufficiali.


Update regarding the temple.

The ground floor is almost completed, lacks the finishing touches: the base of the temple, area of the forge, the great corridor of the statues, kitchen with adjacent lunchroom for soldiers and officers .

Vista totale dal tempio.

Total view from the temple.

Vista sala mensa soldati e ufficiali.

View of the  lunchroom soldiers and officers.

Zona cucine.

kitchen zone.

Sala mensa ufficiali.

Lunchroom official.

Il prossimo aggiornamento riguarderà la pittura del Tempio.

The next update will cover the painting of the Temple.

Ogni commento è benvenuto.

Any feedback is welcome.

Alla prossima, Lorenzo

Regards, Lorenzo