Assemble and paint a boat by MHW


We present the first boat of the new “fleet” of boats by ManorHouse Workshop.

With the help of Michele Bottalico (creator of the boats) we see how to assemble one quickly.

and I will explain how to paint it just as quickly.

Let’s see what the kit consists of: MHW Boat 0001

The kit consists from the hull of resin, a support base of the tree in resin, two wooden sticks to create the tree and the bowsprit, 2 spars in the resin.

You see in the picture already painted the hull with a dark brown primer.

With a small drill to drill the top of the mainmast.

In the hole made in the tree you go to insert a toothpick cut in half, leaving the pointed out.

Glue the tip but not the resin support at the base of the tree.

Glue the 2 spars.

We also prepare the bowsprit bow: as for the mast, one end with holes and strung a piece of toothpick, this time not the pointed end. After that, rubbing the other end on a sheet of sand paper, go to form a tapered section which will provide support to the bowsprit on the bow deck of the boat.

Glued to the bowsprit on the bow, let’s go to glue the mast.   Let’s go to glue the spars moved slightly to the right or left of the axis of the hull. This will serve to give more dynamism to the model if you want to mount the sail.

make with a small drill two holes on both sides of the hull and keel,  to few millimeters of the base thereof.

Take the nail with pliers and cut off their heads. (be careful when cutting  the nail, may fly and  can hit you or others around you) Once you cut the heads of the nails, to glue them into holes made, as you see in the picture.

At this point, given a coat of dark brown on all parties not yet colored.

We shall now proceed to paint the boat: we pour on a plate of dark brown, red leather, orange  clear.

take  with the brush a bit of color from all 3 color, let’s quickly on the floor brush to remove excess color, after which we move the brush in a gentle way  on the model. blending the colors as much as possible between them, is not a true dry brush.

Add 2 more colors to the first 3: Ochre and Yellow gold.

Proceed as for the first 3 colors do not pass the brush completely dry. when we are satisfied with the result, let’s put the rigging.

With a wire more often we form a sort of simple rigging. As you can see it without cutting the wire, can be passed using the heads of the nails and the tip of the tree.

The end result is simple and enjoyable. We could even finish the tutorial here…

but I prefer to give a wash of sepia ink.

Once dry the ink well, we take of ocher, beige, white sand. This time we’re using a dry brush to color in color in a gentle way to brush the whole model including the rigging.

The result can be seen in the last 2 images.

Below you will find the PDF to download for trim the sails of this boat. You can use simple paper or made with lightweight fabric.

Vele per scialuppa

The boat, complete with accessories and miniatures of Rackham (28-32 cm.), gives an idea of the load that it can bear.

the size of the hull without bowsprit, are around 20 cm., can charge up to 8 miniatures with base of 2 cm. or 6 with base 2.5 cm.

best regards, Lorenzo “Maniachouse” Marchetto

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