How to get the water effect

Hi to everyone.
Today I want to show you how to create a water effect in a very simple but realistic manner.
Specifically, here I want to create the water effect for an underground “swimming pool” (for monsters, I guess 🙂 ), so with a finishing color that should look dirty/greenish.
To start, you need to spread all over the surface a good thickness of Vinavil, better if with a brush of medium size.
Then you take a small spatula and you put some stucco on all the Vinavil.
Don’t spread it perfectly and precisely. It should just be put and spread on top of the still humid Vinavil quickly.
used for the Vinavil, you start to dab the stucco.
In the end you’ll get a texturized surface with an overall rippling effect.

Once everything dried up (6-7 hours usually), brush a dark primer/paint on the whole (prepare this primer with some water, some Vinavil, and some black dense color). Then let it dry
for several hours.
Now let’s start to prepare the acrylic colors which will give birth to our water
We’ll use some Turchese, some Olive Green, and some Ocean Blue.
Pick and paint the surface with these colors without thinking too much, since you don’t aim at a geometric result. Also, the colors you’re painting will be covered later on by other painting strokes by you, so really, just pick from those colors and paint.
Once you do it multiple times, you
will have the finishing result looking greenish.
Once you finish painting all the swimming pool, add a black coat of paint without waiting for the colors to dry up, since also the black needs to merge with the colors already there.
This black addition will create depth on the water effect, giving the illusion that the walls / vertical borders of the swimming pool are creating a shadow that goes under the water surface.

Once this is done, let all dry. Don’t use anything to make it dry quicker.
As you can see, once dried up, the result looks quite from perfect.
But you just need to add 3-4 layers of transparent gloss acrylic to get the result as shown in these last 2 pictures. Great! Now it seems like you could dip your hands in the swimming pool!
Of course this is just one of the many ways to get this water effect done. But it’s a simple and quick way to do it.
Also, if you mess it up, no worry: you can always start again: it’s just paint, nothing has been ruined in the process.

Regards. Lorenzo

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