How to make an oar in 6 steps


We see how in just  few steps an oar  with a stick for  skewers and a piece of wooden batten.

Step 1: divide into 2 the stick for skewers.

Step 2: with a file create the handle of the oar and, tapered the opposite end of the stick.

Step 3: Cut a wooden batten to 6x2mm. approximately one third of the stick and, drawn over the paddle of the oar.

Step 4: helping with a piece of sandpaper, create the form of the paddle.

Step 5: now with cyanoacrylate glue, we to attach the paddle to the stick.

Step 6: we finish everything with sandpaper to smoothing all the oar.

We place the oar on the boat.

Regards, Lorenzo Marchetto

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